Breakfast Inspired

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The most important meal of the day:

Why establishments should upsell breakfast.

To quote, “Breakfast out is aspirational. It makes us feel like the productive, stylish person we seek to be every day of the week. It is indulgence, it is entertainment, and it is home, but delightfully removed from home (and the washing up after breakfast it entails).”

Savvy foodservice operators know that factors such as busier lifestyles, affordability and convenience are contributing to the growth of the out of home breakfast occasion in South Africa. Indulgence is also one of the main associations with breakfast with patrons viewing breakfast as a weekend treat to be shared with loved ones and friends. Catering to a variety of dietary requirements is another factor.

Research suggests that the breakfast occasion is consistently growing at a faster rate than other meal occasions which is why at Bidfood, we recognise the importance of the breakfast occasion as a great start to the food service operators day. We have developed a handy breakfast occasion catalogue to help you find that perfect product for your menu as well as an interactive webpage where you can browse for information or inspiration at your leisure. Want to know more? Chat to your sales consultant or go to to order on line.