The Bidfood COVID-19 Payment Relief Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unexpected and unprecedented effect on our local and international economies and the lockdown in South Africa has severely impacted our hospitality and foodservice markets. Bidfood has not escaped the effects of the pandemic, but we come to our market with;

  • a solid business and deep understanding of our industry,
  • strong relationships with leading suppliers and,
  • equally strong customer relationships and the ability to help our customers with our many business solutions.

Having operated in the industry for over 70 years, we and our industry have weathered many an economic downturn; none as potentially catastrophic as what we are collectively experiencing now, but we have always survived. Who’s to know what the long term effects will be, but as part of a global organisation we are privy to information from our sister companies who in many cases are ahead of us in the pandemic curve and some of whom are starting to get back to normal. That information will help us proactively predict what could happen in our market and we will use those predictions to shape our business, in order to assist our customers and our suppliers navigate the upcoming changes in our industry. Changes which will ultimately be driven by how consumers adapt and change their behaviours and expectations, while eating out of home.

Trust in the supply chain is going to be more important than ever. We employ substantial food safety procedures which we ably demonstrated during the recent Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa. We believe the coronavirus is going to accelerate the need for greater health and food safety controls, throughout the value chain and we are geared to help our customers in this regard.

Our industry will reopen, in a staged and controlled manner, and we all need to be ready for it. Apart from the product and service solutions we are able to provide and as our customers preferred supplier we find it our duty to offer our customers relief and assistance as we navigate the road to recovery together. We are in this together and in order to survive it’s important in these times to continue building on our foundations of trust and collaboration. We are here to help you and your business survive this pandemic so that you can flourish once again.


  • Financial Relief Resource Page
    As your preferred supplier, we have developed a resource directory available on our website for customers looking for relief from Government, Banks and other financial relief.
  • More importantly, we have developed “THE BIDFOOD COVID-19 PAYMENT RELIEF PLAN”.
    Our payment relief plan offers financial relief to qualifying Bidfood customers who may struggle to repay their outstanding debt as a result of the coronavirus and lockdown. In a nutshell, and subject to approval, the extended terms plan offers our customers the opportunity to ringfence and defer their outstanding debt and pay it off in weekly installments from a future start date; whilst still being able to buy from us on shortened payment terms, thereby offering our customers the very best, by way of product, health and food safe delivery and now credit solutions.

Together our agile responses and ability to change will decide how we navigate the post lockdown environment. Bidfoods years of service, experience and business depth is driven by a passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated team who will respond to the current crisis with honesty, integrity and creativity, putting health and food safety at the forefront of our operations to better prepare customers, ourselves and our suppliers for recovery and future success.

Government Relief Resources

  1. A link to assistance available from the department of Tourism: [Note: presently limited to B-BBEE; but being challenged] Read here...

  2. A link to the employers right to place employees on annual leave: [Note: originally only available for full business closure] Read here...

  3. A link to the COVID-19 TERS Benefits: [Note: now amended to include partial business closure or short time] Read here...

  4. A link to the COVID-19 TERS Benefits – Amendments: Read here...

  5. A link to the Easy-Aid Guide for Employers on COVID-19 TERS: Read here...

  6. A link to the National Disaster Benefit Easy-Aid Guide for Employers: Read here...

  7. A link to the UIF Act - Amendment: [Note Section 12(1B)] Read here...

  8. A link to beneifts under Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act – in respect of COVD-19. Read here...

  9. Government Support to Business:
    1. Tourism Relief Fund.
    2. Debt Relief Finance Scheme.
    3. Business Growth/Resilience Facility.
    4. Tax measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
      1. Proposal to expand Employment Tax Incentive programme.
      2. Proposal of deferral of the payment of employees’ tax liability for tax compliant small to medium sized businesses.
      3. Proposal of deferral of the payment of provisional tax liability for tax compliant small to medium sized businesses.
    Read here...

  10. COVID-19 SMME relief funding application form: There is assistance available to “micro, small and medium” businesses from the Department of Small Business Development. Read here...

Banking Relief Resources

Additional Business Resources

Governmental Relief For Employers And Employees As A Result Of COVID-19 – By Jaime Myhill, Fluxmans Attorneys
The COVID-19 pandemic has left both employers and employees feeling vulnerable and uncertain as to the options open to them. Read here...

Rupert Family’s relief funding: [Applications are temporarily closed – but may again open in future]
This is the application platform for financial assistance and aid for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) negatively impacted by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Read here...

Oppenheimer’s relief funding
SAFT will extend direct financial support to SMME employees who are at risk of losing their jobs or will suffer a loss of income because of COVID-19. Read here...