Notice of Food Safety Product Recall - KOO and Hugo's canned vegetable products

Dear Customer,
As part of our routine quality control procedures, we have unfortunately identified a deficiency in the side seam weld of an extremely small number of cans manufactured by a third-party supplier that could lead to cans developing a leak. The issue affects various KOO and Hugo's canned vegetable products.

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Dear Valued Customer,
Following the media statement issued by the Minister of Health on 4 March 2018 relating to the recent outbreak of Listeriosis in South Africa, Bidfood management and operational teams have taken the following precautionary measure to limit the risk and potential exposure of our customers to product manufactured both by Tiger Brands –Enterprise, Polokwane facility as well as the RCL Foods -Wolwehoek facility. Bidfood is deeply concerned about this tragic situation and the effect it has had on many South African consumers.

As of yesterday, 4th March 2018, all products produced in these facilities have been blocked nationally in our system and no orders will be able to be placed or stock distributed to our customers. All stock items of the affected product lines have been isolated and withdrawn from stock within our branches, awaiting the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bidfood will co-ordinating the necessary uplift and recall of implicated product lines that may have been distributed to our customers (please click here to see list of items). The Bidfood sales consultants will assist with the uplift of any of the affected product lines from our customers.



Dear Valued Customer,
The last week has been a trying one for all involved in any sector of the dynamic food industry. The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa has transformed the landscape of the food manufacturing, distribution and handling sectors and we all need to be cognisant of the role we play in proactively preventing and controlling this pathogen in our respective environments.

The latest update from the NICD on 8th March 2018, confirms that the Listeriosis outbreak remains in all nine provinces with 967 reported cases and 183 confirmed deaths.

Vulnerable members of our population and consumer groups are; pregnant women, young children, the elderly (over 65 years of age) and persons with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to infection.


RCL Foods Update - 6.03.2018

RCL FOODS is also supporting the efforts of Prof Lucia Anelich, a leading South African food safety expert, who is setting up a website to provide independent expert information on listeriosis. We have set up a consumer hotline (0 800 204 675) for consumers and outlets to call for further information.

Bidfood Update 7.3.2018

After numerous requests for clarification Enterprise (Tiger Brands) have now confirmed that the CHEFS CLASSIQUE products form part of the Enterprise recall. Please refer to Addendum B for the updated Product Recall List

RCL Foods Update - 26.03.2018

RCL confirm that the results of the tests performed on the environmental swabs taken by the DoH inspectors from our Wolwehoek polony plant are negative for ST 6. For more information

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For more information on Listeriosis please visit the Listeriosis Facts website below.

For more information on Listeriosis Globally please visit the website below.

RCL Update - 23.3.2018

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No Listeria ST6 found at Rainbow polony plant

Bidfood Update - 18.4.2018

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Bidfood Customer Communication- Listeriosis Outbreak Update

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