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Tips when creating over the top FreakShakes:

1. Create a thick yummy milkshake! It’s important to make sure the milkshake is as yummy as it looks...

2. When you think you’re done with the added tasty treats… add some more!

3. Serve the FreakShake on a wooden board or interesting plate; add a dessert spoon and a straw. It can get messy so include a serviette and refresher towel to contain the decadent mess!

4. Try different combinations and new flavours, add a unique flare to your menu of FreakShakes, this is a great opportunity to add a limited time, trendy offering to your patrons.

Rise of the FreakShakes!

Adding some adventure to the milkshake experience...

The rise of the FreakShakes gives you the opportunity to add a bit of creativity and decadence to your current beverage and dessert offering.

Get Inspired! Stay on trend with our great ideas and the complete basket solution, guaranteed to take your menu over the top!