Our banking details have not changed. If you receive an email about a change in Bidfood banking details, please contact your sales consultant for more information.

How to protect yourself from email fraud
Ensure that the email address on the email received is correct and that it matches the email address on your business system. Fraudsters often make small changes, such as adding a full stop or changing one letter, hoping that you will not notice.
Look out for odd requests and if you get an email that seems strange or out of the ordinary, contact the sender and confirm that the email came from him/her. Don't click on links in a suspicious email, as you might unknowingly download malware onto your computer.

What to do if you receive such an email
If you receive an email that you suspect is fake, please speak to your sales consultant for more information. Do not respond to it and do not click on any hyperlinks in the document.

These types of scams are becoming more common in South Africa and we urge all our customers to practice caution and do the necessary due diligence to verify banking details prior to making payment to avoid falling victim to or losing money in these fraudulent activities. Bidfood (Pty) Ltd cannot take responsibility for any payments made to the incorrect account.

| Updated – 14 October 2021