Bowls without Boundaries!

A food trend that is all about the bowl! The trend gained traction early on with its move towards mindful and healthier eating but has since become a growing concept with many renditions symbolising comfort, generosity and tasty ingredients packed in one meal. Check out some of our great ideas that can be featured on your menu this year! Whether you are keen on sticking to the traditional range of bowl foods or ready to take your patrons on an exciting new journey with creative bowls that go beyond the boundaries, we have the perfect basket solution for you!

Popular Bowls

Buddha Bowls

Traditionally composed of greens, grains, vegetable (raw or minimal cooking), protein (lean meat) and a fresh dressing.

Poke (pronounced “poh-kay”) Bowls

Originates from Hawaiian cuisine of tuna chunks & salad. The more modern take on poke bowl includes a variety of seafood, selection of raw vegetables and rice.