Frozen A-Grade Beef

Limited-time offers on our range of A-Grade frozen red meat products

An affordable range of Halaal-certified frozen beef products, tailored around convenience, to save our customers time and money, while delivering appealing results.

  • Cooking with… Beef Strips, Minutes Steaks, and Tenderised Steaks
  • Cooking with… Beef Cubes (Bone-in and Boneless)
  • Cooking with… & Chef’s Classique Burgers and Burger Balls
  • Cooking with… Ground Beef and Mince
  • Chef’s Classique Beef Brisket Macon

The suitability and application versatility of the Frozen Red Meat product lines make the limited-time deals on the selected products an amazing opportunity for you as our customers shop for less and enjoy the large number of basket solutions, paired with these quality products.