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Add some Olive flare to your dish...

Our Olives are harvested in the beautiful Cederberg Valley, a place that is in harmony with nature and a healthy environment, producing a consistent harvest year after year.

Olives breathe life into many meal occasions, due in part to their health associated properties but mainly due to the flavour and texture they add to a meal. Whether they are starring in a dish or supporting other ingredients, their colour, texture, flavour and aroma help make those dishes memorable.

Explore the versatility of our Chef's Classique Kalamata Olives or our Cooking with... Table Olives.
- Finest quality olives.
- Distinctive taste with firm and meaty flesh.
- Select and premium quality.
- Proudly supporting the local olive industry.
- Halaal and Kosher

Kalamata Olives Characteristics:

Shape: A Kalamata Olive has an elongated shape with an elegant nose at one end of the fruit.

Texture: When you bite into a genuine Kalamata Olive, the flesh is nice and firm and pulls away from the pip with ease.

Taste: A genuine Kalamata Olive is a superior tasting olive ensuring a more satisfying olive eating experience.

Colour: Deep aubergine is the typical colour of a Kalamata Olive. Our Kalamata Olives are traditionally cured over time ensuring that their natural colour is preserved.