The Chicken came first!

An exciting range of poultry primals and MCP – shop and save!

This economical range is supplied in bulk cases of between 8-10 Kg with 15% brine injections in some products, as indicated. The range is Halaal certified.

This interactive Shopazine showcases superb, consistent quality products from our reliable supplier. Think smart and leverage the popularity of chicken in South Africa, given its status as a staple ingredient, to expand and enhance your chicken menu offering to include various poultry cuts. Be inspired and explore new culinary avenues!

The diverse applications of this poultry range effectively demonstrate its value to you the customer – from your basic menu to elaborate or signature dishes.

All this and so much more, available from Private Label on MyBidfood!

Frozen C-Grade Beef

A range of C-Grade Frozen Red Meat products, on promotion for a limited time – shop and save!

An affordable range of quality beef club steak, short rib, chuck, brisket, blade and cube cuts, 90/10 lean mince and 80/20 regular mince. This value-added range is versatile – saving time and ultimately saving you money. This Shopazine also provides great cooking tips for the best results.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to shop for less and enjoy a large range of basket solution products, top-quality pairings for suitable, versatile applications of these frozen red meat products.

Breakfast is Best!

A versatile range of sweet breakfast solutions – shop and save!

A user-friendly, fully interactive Breakfast Shopazine, brought to you to enhance your breakfast basket shopping experience. Great breakfast solutions in one place, linked to your MyBidfood account.

For the Table milk and honey, muffins, Danish pastries, breads and more. Cooking with… Canned Fruit and Quick Cooking & Rolled Oats. Cold meats, cheeses, smoked and crumbed fish, bacon and sausages, to name a few. Medium or large whole eggs or a fantastic frozen egg pulp mixture, and sides galore!

All this and so much more, available from Private Label on MyBidfood!

Frozen A-Grade Beef

Limited-time offers on our range of A-Grade frozen red meat products

An affordable range of Halaal-certified frozen beef products, tailored around convenience, to save our customers time and money, while delivering appealing results.

The suitability and application versatility of the Frozen Red Meat product lines make the limited-time deals on the selected products an amazing opportunity for you as our customers shop for less and enjoy the large number of basket solutions, paired with these quality products.